Introducing Safe Influx

Over the last decades, a number of serious blowout accidents have attracted concerns about well operation safety in the oil and gas industry. One of the key major accident hazards for upstream activities is the loss of well control that results in blowouts. 

Understanding the needs of managing the risks associated with well control, Bryan Atchison and Phil Hassard co-founded Safe Influx in 2018, based in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. Together, they have more than 60 years’ experience in the industry. With a unique combination of skills and knowledge, both directors believe that the proprietary technology of the Safe Influx Automated Well Control system will significantly reduce the Human Factors’ elements in well control.

As an independent company we have built a reputation for delivering high quality effective automated well control solutions and services to the oil and gas industry. 

The Safe Influx Automated Well Control system meshes automation and technology to address the risk safely and effectively compared with the existing human interface method and procedure.

The success of our Automated Well Control system is assured by the talented team at Safe Influx. Each member of which is an experienced and qualified expert commited to ensuring the highest standard of our product.