Our Story

A number of serious blowout accidents have attracted concerns about well operation safety in the oil and gas industry. One of the key major accident hazards for upstream activities is the loss of well control that results in blowouts.  Studies and reports have estimated that up to 67% of all blowouts have been due to human error.

Understanding the needs of managing the risks associated with well control, Bryan Atchison and Phil Hassard co-founded Safe Influx in 2018, based in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. Together, they have more than 60 years’ experience in the industry.

With a unique combination of skills and knowledge, both directors believe that the proprietary technology of the Safe Influx Automated Well Control system will significantly reduce the Human Factors’ elements in well control.

Over the course of a year, the system has been designed and built by the Safe Influx team. The system’s algorithms that control the equipment went through extensive testing to validate the concept by using real well data programmed into drilling simulators. Additionally, it has received the Technology Qualification Certificate from Lloyd’s Register.

In October 2019, Safe Influx has achieved the milestone of demonstrating the Minimum Viable Product, designed to detect and shut-in an influx whilst drilling, against a traditional rig in Aberdeen. At 15:10 on Tuesday 8th October, the “Drilling Module” was succesfully implemented and proven in the field. The system was interfaced with a land rig and perfomed Automated Well Control: influx detection, spacing out, stopping of the mud pumps, stopping of the top drive and then shutting-in off the blowout preventer.

The technology has been independently verified by Lloyd’s Register at the field trial. This activity will enable the existing Lloyd’s Register Technology Qualification Certificate to be extended to traditional land rigs and Safe Influx technology to be classified as TRL8 on the nine step Technology Readiness Level scale.  

Having proven this technology using real world equipment, the world’s first Automated Well Control system is now available to the market.

Numerous further modules are underway to extend coverage. The possibilities for advancement in the areas of safety, environmental exposure, asset protection, cost reduction and reputation are significant.

With this revolutionary technology, your well is safe. Find out more about our Automated Well Control system.