Our Team

The success of our business is assured by the talented team at Safe Influx. Each member of which is an experienced and qualified expert commited to ensuring the highest standard of our system. Meet our team.

Bryan Atchison
Managing Director

Bryan originally graduated with Honours as a Mechanical Engineer at Aberdeen University, and holds a MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University. From 1981, Bryan has been working in the oil and gas industry, predominantly in the UK and Denmark. He is an experienced project manager in drilling, well engineering and offshore operations. His operations management has covered most technical challenges within the North Sea and Atlantic frontier.  Bryan was previously Wells Manager for Valiant Petroleum and Silverstone in the UK and is now a co-founder of Safe Influx, and Drilling and Wells Excellence Manager of Energy Transition Institute at Robert Gordon University (RGU).

Phil Hassard
Technical Director

Phil brings over 32 years’ experience as a senior oil and gas professional in the UK and overseas, with a proven track record of knowledge and achievement in Drilling and Wells Operations. Phil has spent the last 18 years in a leadership role. This has been in development and learning, utilising Drilling and Well Control Simulator. He held senior management positions at BP and KCA Deutag, where he was the founder of Drilling & Advanced Rig Training.  Phil is a co-founder of Safe Influx, and Drilling Simulator Manager and Professor of Drilling Technology at RGU Energy Transition Institute.

Fraser Dunphy
Production Director

Fraser graduated as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from Aberdeen University and has over 30 years of experience in engineering, gained at reputable companies including Michelin and Halliburton. In 2000, Fraser founded Finesse Control Systems, a company specialising in the development of Industrial Automation Systems and focusing on several industries such as Consumer Electronics, Tyre Manufacturing and Oil & Gas. Fraser is a Chartered Electrical Engineer and Managing Director at Finesse Control Systems.

Richard Rose
Technical Adviser

Richard graduated with Honours as a Civil Engineer from Bristol University, and worked in the oil and gas industry for over 38 years, 28 of which were at BP and the remainder at Talisman (now Repsol Sinopec). Richard has extensive experience both on and offshore, predominantly in Wells, and his skillset includes those gained during project management, organisational management, contract management and well decomissioning. Richard worked on projects in the UK and internationally, in Norway, Abu Dhabi and Trinidad. He is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 

Juliana Bond
Corporate Communications Manager

Juliana graduated as a Journalist in Brazil and holds a MSc in International Professional Communication from University of Dundee, and an MSc with merit in Corporate Communications & Public Affairs from Robert Gordon University.  With more than 15 years of experience, Juliana has worked for media and communication companies in Brazil and the UK, including BBC Brasil, EFE News Agency, Mantra PR and Plus Interativa, where she held a leadership role. Prior to joining Safe Influx, Juliana spent the last eight years running GBond Travel Solutions, a company she co-founded.