What We Do

All oil and gas wells have the potential for a well control incident. Safe Influx provides Automated Well Control solutions to the oil and gas industry that dramatically reduce blowouts. We manage often unstable influx issues automatically.

Our Automated Well Control system meshes automation and technology to address the risk safely and effectively compared with the existing human interface method and procedure.


real control of your well 

At Safe Influx, our game-changing Automated Well Control technology, together with sensors and process controls, fully automates influx detection and shut-in sequences. This dramatically reduces the influx size to a minimum at an automated controlled speed, overcoming the longstanding industry human factors’ issues. 

The Automated Well Control system allows continuous monitoring and flawless execution of well control operations, recognising an influx during all phases of a well’s operation. The technology enables very early kick detection and shut-in activation. It means that our clients save considerable time when a rapid response is essential, reducing operation risk and cost, particularly for challenging wells.


Can be retrofitted to cyber or conventional rigs, onshore or offshore. Fitting the system to any rig is relatively quick and straightforward, no additional engineering or modification is required. 


Enables shut-in times up to five times faster than current conventional human interface methods. An additional advantage is that the influx size is reduced and can minimise impact on well operation.


Makes well control process safer by using automation to eliminate human error and personnel exposure associated with the conventional 100+ year method. Studies and reports have estimated that human error is the reason that up 67% of blowouts have occurred. 

Cost Savings

Reduces significantly the amount of time spent on well kill operations and can lead to time and cost savings regardless of location, water depth or well type. 

Automated Well Control is now enabled by Safe Influx technology and substantially reduce the risk of the major accident hazard. This technology is a tool for the driller, providing peace of mind for the drilling contractor, operator and regulator.

The system is designed to operate during drilling phases when BOP is used. Safe Influx has a comprehensive list of development modules covering every aspect of well construction from top hole drilling to completions and well decommissioning.  

Get in touch with our team to further discuss the numerous modules.