What We Do

Safe Influx is a company with a focus on providing Automated Well Control solutions and services to the oil and gas industry.

As an independent company we have built a reputation using our propriety technology to deliver high quality effective Automated Well Control solutions.

Blowouts are catastrophic events that occur when the human in charge of the operation fails to recognise the signals of an influx into the well bore and react appropriately. All oil and gas wells have the potential for a well control incident. 

Our Business 

At Safe Influx our propriety Automated Well Control technology provides assurance for Well Control Management. Our system enables an influx to be safely detected and managed, and will substantially reduce the risks of blowouts. 

Safe Influx Automated Well Control technology together with sensors and process controls, fully automates influx detection and shut-in sequences. This dramatically reduces the influx size to a minimum at an automated controlled speed, overcoming the longstanding industry human factors’ issues. 

Our Automated Well Control system allows continuous monitoring and flawless execution of well control operations, recognising an influx during all phases of a well’s operation. The Safe Influx technology enables very early kick detection and shut-in activation, and will save considerable time when a rapid response is essential, and reduce operation risk and cost, particularly for challenging wells.


Safe Influx Automated Well Control technology can be retrofitted to Cyber or Conventional rigs including Land Rigs, Platforms, Semi-submersibles, Jack-ups and Drill-Ships. The system uses the rig’s existing equipment, so no additional engineering is required. 
Cyber rigs: Plug and Play interface
Conventional rigs: Hardwire interface


Safe Influx Automated Well Control system enables shut-in times up to five times faster than current conventional human interface methods, proving more efficient well control solutions and faster shut-in times for drilling contractors and operators. This reduces the influx size and can minimse impact on well operations.


Safe Influx Automated Well Control system makes well control process safer by using automation to eliminate human error and personnel exposure associated with the conventional 100+ year method. Studies and reports have estimated that human error is the reason that 50-67% of blowouts have occurred. 

Cost Savings

Safe Influx Automated Well Control technology significantly reduces the amount of time spent on well kill operations and can lead to high cost savings for customers regardless of water depth or well type. 

Safe Influx Automated Well Control technology provides the means to safely and efficiently drill wells, even the most challenging ones. Contact Us for more information.